National Board Certification

National Board Certification

“I started the NBC process because I saw it as a meaningful challenge, tying directly to the everyday work I was doing in my classroom. The process for achieving National Board Certification makes you truly reflect on your teaching practices. It taught me to continually question the why behind my instructional decisions.” Nicole Shaw, NBCT 2013 Cedar Rapids CSD

“The self-reflection is the most powerful part of this journey as I found I gained a deeper understanding of my teaching – what worked well, what needed to adjustment, how I evaluated learning and what the next steps were needed for students and myself.” Roberta Hass, NBCT 2007 MFL Mar Mac CSC

National Board Certification allows teachers to be recognized for their exceptional teaching practices. Good news! Iowa provides an incentive for educators who become National Board Certified Teachers. For information on how assistance if provided through the Iowa Code, check out the Iowa Department of Education website.

National Board Certification changed in 2016. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards has created a series of informational videos, handouts and other information for you. For tips on how to navigate the NBPTS website, review this video.

Some FAQs

What is the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards?

An overview is available here.

Who is eligible for National Board Certification?

Eligibility and certification materials are available here.

What are the ISEA Academy courses that support National Board certification?

The ISEA Academy offers several courses to support educators who are interested in pursuing certification.

Who can I contact at the ISEA for more information on National Board certification?

Teaching and Learning Specialist Colleen Heinz is available at 515-471-8056 or via email at

Join the Iowa NBCT Network
Iowa NBCTs and current candidates are eligible to join the Iowa NBCT Network for the opportunity to connect with other NBCTs from across the state. For more information, follow #IANBCTNetwork and contact Teaching and Learning Specialist Colleen Heinz at 515-471-8056 or via email at