Mr. B’s Room

Mr. B’s Room

Mr. B’s Room is a place where you can find resources from ISEA members, NEA experts, state and national advocates and others to support learning at home. These are reviewed by the team at the ISEA Academy before posting. If you have a good resource you’d like to share email Teaching and Learning Specialist Cindy Swanson.

Resources from education advocates (members only – account creation and login required)
Louisiana Association of Educators
Delaware Education Association
Education Minnesota
Iowa Department of Education

Open Source Distance Learning Resources

NEA webinar series
Google Classroom cheat sheet
Collaborating in a crisis
Collaborating in a crisis quick guide
Wide Open Schools
United States Census Statistics in Schools
Arts: Dance, Arts Integration, Music, Theater, Visual Arts
Computer Science
English Language Arts
History – Social Science
World Language
English Learner Resources
Reading Resources for Kids

Mental health

Resources from the University of Northern Iowa
ISEA TLC Committee mental health
NEA mental health program and app
Dr. Mark Poeppe on Loss and Grief
Resources for youth, families and schools
Action for happiness
What matters most during a pandemic (Truth for Teachers podcast)
Iowa Telehealth providers
No cost virtual counseling through IDPH
Mindspring Mental Health Alliance
Iowa Department of Education

Self care video from ISEA members and others

Take Time Tuesdays
Introduction to mindfulness
T.I.M.E. to Balance
T.I.M.E. Outside
T.I.M.E. Our new now
T.I.M.E. to Look
Water & Sleep
Food and Habits
Physiological, Safety & Belonging
Gratitude, Grace & Humor
Teacher Grief Relief