Recertification Elections

Recertification Elections

Recertification Q&A

What is recertification?

Recertification is the process whereby all employees that are part of the bargaining unit (whether members of the association or not) must vote to retain the association as the certified bargaining representative for purposes of negotiating the Master Contract and consultation with the district concerning the handbook and teaching and learning issues.

Why does our local need to hold a recertification election?

The 2017 law requires a recertification election to establish the association’s legal ability to remain the bargaining agent for the Master Contract. Elections take place in October of the year prior to the master contract expiring.

What does it mean to vote YES?

Voting YES to recertify means the employee wishes to maintain the current bargaining agent (local association/ISEA as the representative) for the Master Contract. This vote has nothing to do with joining the association. All employees of the bargaining unit must vote – association members and potential members. Failure to vote in this election is a NO vote.

What recertification is not:

Recertification does NOT affect your association’s ability to remain an active local association, or to provide members with access to representation and legal services.

Need additional resources?

Here is a link to the ISEA Recertification Guide (members only).

If you have other questions about recertification, please contact your UniServ Director.