Legal Services

Legal Services

CLICK HERE FOR MEMBERS-ONLY LEGAL INFORMATION including attorney referral services, FAQs on educator rights, state and federal statutes and additional information.

The advocacy services division provides our members and local associations with comprehensive, professional, efficient and effective legal representation designed to meet their needs and expectations.

Our experienced attorneys specialize in protecting employment, labor, collective bargaining, licensure and all other education-related rights and responsibilities. The breadth and depth of our expertise enables us to offer a variety of options and solutions, as well as to serve the diverse needs of our members and locals in both the traditional and emerging areas of the law. Because of our affiliation with the National Education Association, the vast majority of our employment-related legal services are provided at no cost.

All too often, a member’s time in the classroom involves much more than teaching. Decisions made at the federal and state government, administrative agencies, courts and local school districts, impact the lives of our members and their students. Without proper guidance and assistance, the modern classroom can become a minefield of rules, regulations, policies and legal issues. While the advocacy services division has experience in handling contested cases at all levels, its attorneys are committed to helping our members and locals avoid litigation through training, counseling and prevention efforts.

As issues and questions regarding employment-related matters surface, our members and locals should contact their UniServ director who serves as the first line of defense. When appropriate, the advocacy services division stands ready, willing and able to assist.