Joe Judge

Joe Judge

Joe Judge was elected treasurer of the Iowa State Education Association in May 2017 and began serving his term June 15, 2017. He is a history teacher, instructional coach, and head tennis coach at Albia Community High School. Joe serves as the Albia Education Association’s chief negotiator and as State Unit Nine’s representative on the ISEA executive board. In 2015, Joe was awarded State Unit Nine Advocate of the Year.

Joe served on the Iowa Department of Education’s Council on Educator Development which was established by the Iowa Legislature to study the efficacy of Iowa’s current statewide teacher and administrator evaluator systems. He also served on the Iowa Department of Education’s Social Studies Standards Writing Team which was convened to develop draft standards subject to public review in line with Gov. Terry Branstad’s Executive Order 83.

Joe has been active in his local and state association and in his local political party for many years.

Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History from the University of Iowa and a master’s degree in Leadership and Social Studies Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Policy.

Joe is married and with two children.