Headquarters Staff


Advocacy Services

Becky Knutson, staff counsel

Christy Hickman, associate director of legal services

Katie Schoolen, staff counsel

Bargaining and Research

Adam McDermott, database/systems analyst

Jon Studer, advocacy specialist

Business Office and Membership

Corey Marquardt, network operations manager

Drew Gosselink, associate executive director for business services

Khay Lo, director of accounting and membership systems

Lana Sohn, director of employee benefits and facilities

Melissa Kopaska, associate staff

Renee Brant, associate staff


Jean M. Hessburg, public relations specialist - media inquiries

Kimberly Knight, associate staff

Mike Wiser, editor/communications specialist

Executive Division

Janet Wilson, Administrative Assistant

Mary Jane Cobb, ISEA Executive Director

Field Services

Coy Marquardt, associate executive director for field services

Roni Swift, director of affiliate services

Government Relations

Melissa Peterson, government relations specialist

Morgan Miller, government relations & member engagement specialist

Teaching and Learning

Cindy Swanson, teaching and learning specialist

Colleen Heinz, teaching and learning specialist

Rhonda Plimmer, associate staff