Elections for ISEA Offices

Elections for ISEA Offices

Congratulations on your interest in running for an ISEA leadership position. Becoming involved at this level of association work is challenging, but quite rewarding. You will have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of your fellow members.

There are three ways a person may be elected to serve on the ISEA Executive Board of Directors: through a Statewide Elected Position, as a Constituency State Executive Board Member, and as a UniServ Unit State Executive Board member. Scroll through this page to see the open positions in each category.

You can find election policies, materials and other information in the members-only election section here.

Statewide Elected Positions

There are five statewide elected positions on the ISEA Executive Board: president, vice president, treasurer and two NEA directors. These positions are elected by delegates at the annual Delegate Assembly. Active members include persons enrolled on a current year basis as a professional member, educational support member, graduate assistant member, education student member, substitute member, or retired member.

Nomination papers for statewide elected positions may be obtained by clicking below or by contacting the ISEA executive director, 777 3rd Street, Des Moines, IA 50309. Completed nomination papers shall be filed by February 1 preceding the Delegate Assembly at which the election is to be held.


Constituency State Executive Board Members

Pending vacancies on the state executive board for ethnic minority, retired, higher education, educational support professionals, and area education agency constituency groups shall be made in an official ISEA publication. An election shall be conducted in May and June with the new representative being seated at the Executive Board meeting preceding the ISEA Summer Conference. The election is conducted via the ISEA voting website, and the term of the office is for three years. The individual receiving the largest number of votes for executive board member shall be the representative for that respective category to the Executive Board.

Any member intending to run for a Constituency State Executive Board member position may begin active campaigning on July 15 preceding the election. This period is defined as the campaign period. Active campaigning is defined as distribution of flyers, leaflets, brochures, specialty items, the posting of signs in any location, setting up individual web sites, and the use of social media. Campaign organizing is not subject to the provisions of active campaigning. You can review all the policies and procedures in the members-only section.

ISEA members who are elected to represent their national constituency on the NEA Board of Directors are non-voting members of the ISEA Board of Directors.

Uniserv Unit State Executive Board Members

Any active ISEA member is eligible to seek nomination to the position of state executive board member representing their respective UniServ unit. Each UniServ unit determines the procedure used in electing their state executive board member. Contact your UniServ office to obtain election procedures for your unit.