Supporting LGBTQ Students: Advocating for LGBTQ – Inclusive Workplace

Supporting LGBTQ Students: Advocating for LGBTQ – Inclusive Workplace

Aug 31st

National Education Association

Date: Available for registration between November 1 – August 31, 2020
Course #: 20-813-01

1 Iowa License Renewal Credit
offered by
Iowa State Education Association (ISEA)

Instructor: National Education Association (NEA)

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Course Fees:

$5.00 – ISEA members

$10.00 – Non-ISEA members


In this course, the participant will consult with LGBTQ educators to create a plan to present to their local school board or to a local legislative committee to advocate for and influence policies that are LGBTQ-inclusive. This plan should address policy inequities at the school, district, and/or state level. Participant will demonstrate an understanding of the impact a lack of protections has on LGBTQ educators, the students of LGBTQ educators, and the school/district in which LGBTQ educators work.

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