Screen Addiction: Fighting the War (10/14/21 – 11/25/21)

Screen Addiction: Fighting the War (10/14/21 – 11/25/21)

Oct 14th

Johanna Russell

Date: October 14 – November 25, 2021
Course #: LR 288:723
Credit Hours: 3
Registration Deadline: October 14 @ 5:00 p.m.

Do your students appear to be addicted to screens? How are we to prepare students not only for their physical futures, but also their digital ones?

This is a 3-credit hours action-based course where we jump into the causes and what we can do to combat the problem. We will arm ourselves with the resources we need to guide our students, based on their age, through growing up into their digital selves. Finally, this course redirects the learning towards parents so that they might be empowered with how to manage and navigate this overwhelming and ever-changing virtual environment that their children live in.

Required Course Material:
Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking our Kids and How to Break the Trance.

This class is available for License Renewal, Paraeducator or Audit credit.

What teacher’s have to say about the instructor:
  • Thank you so much for putting this course together! It was very easy to follow along with and you did a great job of helping us learn, but also keeping it simple. Thank you for everything you did for us!! – Britney F.
  • I really appreciated the videos and prompt feedback. Your responses were so applicable and refreshing! Also, I loved the discussion format of the class and how you made me feel comfortable to be open and honest so I could do my best learning. I found so much value in Johanna’s course! I was able to apply my learning to not only teaching, but also my home life. – Aly C.
  • Teach more classes! She’s wonderful! – Anonymous

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