Number + Sense 101: Grades PreK-2 (Sioux City Educators Only)

Number + Sense 101: Grades PreK-2 (Sioux City Educators Only)

Nov 14th

Heidi Anthony

Date: November 1 – March 1, 2020
Course #: LR 288:821

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This course is available to Sioux City Educators Only.

This course provides an opportunity to learn the fundamental mathematical progressions underlying students’ understandings of number sense. Topics will include child cognitive development, early numeracy, and number relationships. Emphasis will be given to developing ideas of student mathematical development, increasing participants’ content knowledge, and instructional practices that promote building students’ understanding of number sense.

The following goals and objectives guide this course. Specifically, participants will have opportunities to:

  • Become knowledgeable about instructional practices emphasizing that build connections around number;
  • Learn the content, methods, and materials necessary to teach number sense;
  • Become familiar with assessing through observation and using children’s thinking to guide instruction;
  • Understand a framework for children’s development of number sense;
  • Become more confident in one’s ability to teach mathematics; and

Specifically, the course will address the following concepts:

  • 4 Early Numeracy Concepts (Subsitizing, Verbal Counting, Object Counting, and Cardinality)
  • 4 Number Relationships (Spatial Relationships, One/Two More & Less, Benchmarks of 5 & 10, and Part-Part-Whole)

This class is available for License Renewal.

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