NBC: Teaching, Practice & Learning Environment-Component 3 (Cedar Rapids Only)

NBC: Teaching, Practice & Learning Environment-Component 3 (Cedar Rapids Only)

Feb 17th

Tania Johnson & Chris Lafrenz

This course is available to Cedar Rapids Educators Only.

This class is available only for Audit credit.

A transcript is not processed for those taking classes for Audit.  If you would like a certificate sent to you that will show you participated, once the class has ended please contact Rhonda Plimmer (rplimmer@isea.org).

Participants are actively engaged in collaborative activities that cause them to reflect and show evidence of enhancing student learning, individual content knowledge, planning and preparation, instructional strategies, monitoring student learning, classroom management, professional growth and professional responsibilities using the National Board for Professional Teaching (NBPTS) Standards, Core Propositions, and Architecture for Accomplished Teaching.

This course will explore and provide teachers and counselors pursuing National Board Certification with important information about the certification process and specific Components. Participants will examine the newly revised NBPTS Component 3: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment along with Assessment Center requirements for Component 1:  Knowledge. Participants learning will focus on the NBPTS Standards, evidenced by student work.

Strategies will be taught and skills enhanced that aid the participant in Instructional planning, direct evidence of participant’s practice from video recordings and instructional materials, and analysis of and reflection on teaching as displayed in at least two video recordings – evaluated on demonstrated evidence of practice and analysis as it relates to instruction, student engagement, and the learning environment gathering and analyzing information about individual students’ strengths and needs and use the information to design and implement instruction to advance student learning and achievement. Guidance will be provided that prepares the participant for video recording segments of learning for reflecting on practice through evidence of written commentary, video segments, and prepare to submit. Finally, the course will guide participants as they prepare to submit their Component for National Board Certification.