Literacy Strategies-Language Arts & English (Sioux City Educators Only)

Literacy Strategies-Language Arts & English (Sioux City Educators Only)

Nov 14th

Heidi Anthony

Date: November 1 – March 1, 2020
Course #: LR 288:813

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This course is available to Sioux City Educators Only.

It’s generally thought that literacy skills are taught during the early years of education, with the expectation that every child will know how to read by the 4th grade. However, more and more middle and high school content area teachers seem to be complaining that their students just aren’t getting it: The students either don’t bother reading their assignments or they don’t seem to comprehend what they have read. As a result, often content area teachers become frustrated and blame lack of reading skills. Although this link may seem obvious-a lack of reading skills equals poor comprehension-more often than not, the culprit is difficulty understanding the ideas presented in the required reading assignment.

This four module course will help participants understand why it’s important for every teacher to become involved in teaching students how to read, write, and comprehend the subject matter being presented to them. It will also provide a few language arts and English teaching strategies.

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