Literacy Strategies: Improving Comprehension (Sioux City Only)

Literacy Strategies: Improving Comprehension (Sioux City Only)

Nov 14th

April Tidwell


The importance of knowing how to read can be summed up very simply: We must know how to read if we want to succeed in school and in life.

“In American culture, those individuals who are at the top of the social structure are those who are most fully literate, and, conversely, those who lack literacy skills occupy the lowest rungs of the social ladder,” writes Thomas Armstrong in his book The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing: Making the Words Come Alive (2003, p. 5).

Armstrong (2003) points out that many educators, including the late Paulo Freire, “have argued persuasively that literacy represents a key tool for social change, and for the empowerment of oppressed peoples” (p. 5). If literacy is our culture’s main gatekeeper, then helping struggling readers must be the chief concern of all educators.

This course will give teachers ideas for meeting the sometimes daunting challenge of helping students overcome reading difficulties. It will introduce strategies that you can use to help struggling readers. The course also gives you an opportunity to synthesize what you learn and create a program that will aid you in helping struggling readers.

This is a self-paced course. Participants will work independently on the course content completing required assessments and journals. The course is organized into six modules and is completely self-paced. Lessons will be taught and goals will be met using a combination of text readings, external resources, activities, assignments, assessment and enrichment materials.

No Text Required