Introduction to Teaching Digital Literacy in the Secondary Classroom (7.7-8.4)

Introduction to Teaching Digital Literacy in the Secondary Classroom (7.7-8.4)

Jul 7th

Tyler Youngers

Date: July 7 – August 4, 2019
Course #: EDMA 288:64H

This course is a part of a 4-part course series on how to create, teach, & sustain a digital literacy program in the secondary classroom.

What does it mean to be digitally literate? Are our students prepared to navigate the digital world? Are they participating in a safe, productive ways? What happens when they encounter challenges-do they have the skills needed to handle these challenges and make positive contributions?
This 1 credit-hour course series will break down the many ways in which digitally literate students can contribute to today’s digital world. This course will be an introduction to teaching digital literacy in the middle school classroom. Once we have a solid grasp on digital literacy, then in future courses we will look at how to create and take care of your digital tattoo, determine what’s fake and what’s real, understand security & privacy matters, how to #bekind and how to be a good digital role model, and how to have civil discourse in the classroom and beyond. Lastly, we will finish the course series with a course on how to build a sustainable program beyond the middle school level.