Express: I’m so Tired! An Educator’s Guide to Self-Care (3.24-5.7.21)

Express: I’m so Tired! An Educator’s Guide to Self-Care (3.24-5.7.21)

Mar 24th

Educators are ravaged by the demands of education. Answering to parents, students, private citizens, administration, politicians and each other is very stressful. On top of that, many of us are caught in a sandwich between our parents and our kids. We are trying to meet everyone’s needs. The statistics regarding the flight of educators out of education is staggering.

Burnout is a combination of high stress and high hopes that converge in an almost impossible toxic stew of exhaustion, profound inertness and an inability to cope. Burnout can happen quickly or slowly over a number of years. According to a Learning Policy Institute (LPI) report, overall teacher attrition rates in the US is one of the highest in the developed world and new teachers are especially prone to burnout leaving the profession at rates between 19 percent and 30 percent over their first five years of teaching.

Teaching is stressful. We watch our students struggle with poverty, abuse, learning problems and a myriad number of other difficulties. It takes its toll on our quality of life and our performance. We need to take time for ourselves and to learn how to be healthy emotionally and physically; we need an action-plan.

I’m So Tired! An Educator’s Guide to Self-Care provides realistic paths to better choices and healthier living. This class explains the issues, identifies the problems and helps to remediate and treat those issues that keep educators sick and stressed out. Needs are explored at all levels and we examine how to address our individual needs in positive ways. Action plans for health will be developed and utilized. Strategies will be identified and developed during this class. Students will be expected to participate by establishing goals and working on those goals in ways that are specific to their own individual needs.

This course is presented in a modified, self-paced format. Participants are expected to access the course and post regularly (at least once a week) and make reasonable progress, but there are no due dates attached to individual assignments. Instead there are 2 absolute due dates (mid-term and the last day of class) to provide flexibility and to better accommodate participants’ busy schedules.

Required Text:
Take Time for You: Self-Care Action Plans for Educators (2018), By Tina H. Boogren