Examining: The Dyslexia Dilemma: Formulas for Success! (2.24-4.30.21)

Examining: The Dyslexia Dilemma: Formulas for Success! (2.24-4.30.21)

Feb 24th

Date: February 24 – April 30, 2021
Course #: EDMA 288:846

Sally Shaywtiz has finally come out with her second edition of Overcoming Dyslexia. A ground breaking, blockbuster of a book that shattered myths and provided parents and professionals with scientific information on dyslexia that includes explaining the nature of dyslexia and reading, operationalizing and diagnosing dyslexia, giving assistance to the child in reading and turning poor readers into excellent readers, choosing a school that would meet the needs of a child with dyslexia and dealing with dyslexia successfully after high school and beyond.

The research is comprehensive. Dyslexia can be treated and Shaywitz makes it clear what methods should be used. Clear identification and a good understanding of what is happening when the child with dyslexia reads are paramount in designing a treatment plan.

Required Text: Overcoming Dyslexia (2nd ed.) Year: 2020, Authors: Sally Shaywitz, M. D. and Jonathon Shaywitz, M. D.
ISBN-10 : 9780679781592
ISBN-13 : 978-0679781592
It can be purchased through local bookstores or ordered online. Due to page and format differences between hard copies and electronic copies of the book, the Kindle version is NOT recommended.