Examining: Making it Work! The Teacher-Paraeducator Team (3.24-5.28.21)

Examining: Making it Work! The Teacher-Paraeducator Team (3.24-5.28.21)

Mar 24th

A well-oiled teacher-paraeducator machine is good for students and good for morale. But school days are jam-packed, classroom environments can vary, and student needs can change. It can seem nearly impossible to find the time to get to know our teacher/paraeducator, let alone find the time to collaborate, communicate about students, and get on the same page with scheduling, lessons, and strategies. Still, our students count on us to find ways to get it done.

Making It Work! is a 2-credit hour, self-study/instructor-guided course that gives paraeducators and teachers tools and resources to help them communicate and collaborate more effectively. Participants will learn to assess and compare work styles, preferences, and task confidence levels; develop clear classroom job descriptions; create working lists of academic and behavioral strategies and resources; identify areas of personal development; investigate a variety of collaboration and communication tools and ideas, and more!

This class is available for License Renewal, Graduate, Paraeducator or Audit credit.

Course Materials/Required Text:

No text required. All materials will be provided online.