Designing Assessments for Higher-Order Thinking (Sioux City Educators Only)

Designing Assessments for Higher-Order Thinking (Sioux City Educators Only)

Nov 20th

Heidi Anthony

This course is available to Sioux City Educators Only.

Although Higher-Order Thinking is often discussed broadly in the context of teaching, practicing educators have found it useful to distinguish students’ ability to recall information from their ability to use knowledge in new situations (a process called “transfer”). When students use knowledge or transform it into something new, make decisions, or solve problems, they are more motivated to learn. “Higher-Order Thinking” is the term we use to describe these processes of transfer, critical thinking, and problem solving when students use facts and concepts in different contexts from the ones they learned.

This course will show you how to design and carry out a range of assessments that involve Higher-Order Thinking, whether for formative or summative purposes. You’ll learn how to develop open-ended questions, conduct enriching discussions, and design brief and extended performance tasks all aimed at getting students to use Higher-Order Thinking.

The final module focuses on the creation and use of appropriate rubrics to evaluate Higher-Order Thinking, a key practice for keeping the focus on student learning outcomes rather than on mere activity completion.

This is a self-paced course. Participants will work independently on the course content completing required assessments and journals. The course is organized into 6 modules and is completely self-paced. Lessons will be taught and goals will be met using a combination of text readings, external resources, activities, assignments, assessment and enrichment materials.

This class is available for License Renewal.

There is no text required.