Conflict Resolution: An Introduction (Sioux City Educators Only)

Conflict Resolution: An Introduction (Sioux City Educators Only)

Nov 14th

Heidi Anthony

This course is available to Sioux City Educators Only.


Date: November 1 – March 1, 2020
Course #: LR 288:812

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When we surf the internet, watch television, or read the newspaper, it becomes clear that conflict and violence are part of the human condition. In our own lives-at home, at work, at school-we face situations that are often annoying and sometimes infuriating and we have to deal with those situations in a positive way.

Students often bring their conflicts to the teacher and ask for assistance, write David W. Johnson and Roger T. Johnson in Reducing School Violence Through Conflict Resolution (1995).

Although teachers are responsible for ensuring that conflicts are managed constructively, they do not need to mediate each one personally, the author notes. Teachers do need to make sure that there is a process-and people-in place to deal with conflict in a positive way.

This six-lesson course introduces teachers to the concept of conflict resolution, its value in a school environment, and the many ways to handle it. It will help teachers understand how they can-and why they should-emphasize conflict resolution in the classroom and, if feasible, in the school setting.

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