Teaching the Core Skills of Listening & Speaking (Sioux City Educators Only) (4.29 – 6.10.22)

Teaching the Core Skills of Listening & Speaking (Sioux City Educators Only) (4.29 – 6.10.22)

May 7th

An online course open to Sioux City Educators Only

1 License Renewal credit is provided at no cost by the Sioux City CSD


Date: April 29 – June 10, 2022
Course #: LR 288:837
Credit Hours: 1 credit hour

This PD Online course, Teaching the Core Skills of Listening and Speaking, will give you an understanding of the requirements of the listening and speaking standards that have been adopted in the last few years. For years, listening and speaking skills have been taken for granted or seen as “nice to have but not necessary”, as educators have focused in other areas. Now, we are beginning to see that these crucial skills inform all we do in education, and that direct instruction is needed to develop these in students. This course will get you started on the path to developing competent oral communicators in your classroom. You will notice that students are better, more-engaged, deeper listeners and better, more-engaging, well-spoken communicators when you apply the principles you will learn in these six modules.

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