Common Core Literacy Foundations: Grades K-2 (Sioux City Only)

Common Core Literacy Foundations: Grades K-2 (Sioux City Only)

Nov 14th

April Tidwell


With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), more emphasis is being placed on strong literacy foundations that are established in the primary grades, kindergarten through grade 2. This course provides extensive information about the standards for these grades, including the reading, listening, speaking, language, and writing standards. You will become intimately familiar with the intentions of the standards for each grade and how skills are designed to progress through the grades. Strategies for instruction, assessment, and intervention are illustrated for each of the strands and sub-strands within the CCSS.


The course introduces learners to the progression of print concepts and phonemic awareness skills emergent readers require. Systematic explicit instruction is demonstrated through anecdotes about teachers and video clips of teachers working with students in the classroom. Explanations and examples of effective phonics and decoding activities and assessments prepare you to evaluate student fluency. Fluency is defined and the establishment of fluency routines is encouraged. Teachers can use the speaking and listening standards to prepare students to participate in constructive discussions through active listening and responding appropriately. Finally, student writing in grades K-2 progresses quickly and dramatically, from forming letters to writing sentences.


Explore the CCSS for grades K-2, learn valuable instruction and assessment strategies practice what you learn through job-embedded applications.