Common Core Literacy Foundations: Grades 3-5 (Sioux City Only)

Common Core Literacy Foundations: Grades 3-5 (Sioux City Only)

Nov 14th

April Tidwell


Reading serves as a major foundational skill for school-based learning, as it is strongly related to academic and vocational success. Grades 3 through 5 are critical to that success as students transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” The Common Core Literacy: Grades 3-5 serves as a resource for classroom teachers in identifying areas of literacy and selecting appropriate interventions, if necessary, to bring students up to par.

Reading to learn allows students to build background knowledge about various subjects and establishes the foundation for writing and language skills that students will use throughout their school years, careers, and lifetimes to inform, persuade, instruct, inspire, or entertain others.

This is a self-paced course. Participants will work independently on the course content completing required assessments and journals. The course is organized into six modules and is completely self-paced. Lessons will be taught and goals will be met using a combination of text readings, external resources, activities, assignments, assessment and enrichment materials.

No Text Required