Fostering Resilient Learners 11.1-2.21.21 (Sioux City Only)

Fostering Resilient Learners 11.1-2.21.21 (Sioux City Only)

Nov 1st

Heidi Anthony


The Fostering Resilient Learners PD Online course helps educators equip their students to succeed not only academically but also in their overall development. Schools are seeing more and more students who are entering the classroom burdened by the stress of overwhelming trauma or the psychological scars of neglect and abuse. The education field must work to understand how trauma influences learning and development. As you embark on this course, the following facts about childhood trauma will help orient your understanding:

  • Trauma is real.
  • Trauma is prevalent. In fact, it is likely much more common than we care to admit.
  • Trauma can be toxic to the brain and can affect development and learning in a
    multitude of ways.
  • In our schools, we need to be prepared to support all students, those with both
    known and unknown trauma histories.
  • Children are resilient, and within positive learning environments they can grow,
    learn, and succeed. Teachers, in concert with parents, administrators, and other
    school personnel, can provide critical support to students and exert a positive
    influence that nurtures their resilience and prepares them for a lifetime of learning.

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