6th Annual School Mental Health Conference/Class

6th Annual School Mental Health Conference/Class

Dec 14th

Jennifer Ulie-Wells

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from Iowa State Education Association

(Blended design course: Online & In – Person course)

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people 15-24 in Iowa.  In 2016, 13.4% of young people indicated, on the Iowa Youth Survey, that they had seriously considered suicide in the past year. One out of five youth has a mental illness; yet fewer than 20% receive treatment.  Schools are working with countless young people on a daily basis that are coming in with complex mental health and trauma needs.

This year’s conference is themed culturally responsive school mental health.

We have two keynotes, Jane Elliot & Dr. Michael Lindsey and twenty four break-out sessions. (You can read more about the two keynote speakers by clicking on the tab titled “Keynote Speakers” on the left side of registration page.)


Course Requirements:

  • The course requires all participants to attend the entire 6th Iowa School Mental Health Conference (Click Here for conference registration information) for 6.5 hours; and
  • Engage in the additional coursework for 8.5 hours. The coursework is included on the syllabus (syllabus can be accessed by clicking on the tab titled “Syllabus” on the left side of the registration page).
  • Once completed it needs to be emailed to info@pleasepassthelove.org by December 14th. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any additional questions.

If you are a school counselor and an ISEA member, you are eligible to take this class for License Renewal credit at no fee.  Please select that option when registering.

Required Course Materials:

Students will need access to the internet for further exploration and will be emailed class materials.