Mindfulness for Teachers (5-week self-paced course) (Offered anytime between 9.1.22 and 8.31.23)

Mindfulness for Teachers (5-week self-paced course) (Offered anytime between 9.1.22 and 8.31.23)

Jul 26th

Sarah Rudell Beach

Mindfulness for Teachers is a 1-credit hour, 5-weeks long, Self-Paced course introducing teachers to the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness has been demonstrated to help educators lower their stress and reduce burnout, improve their relationships with colleagues and students, and communicate and respond more effectively in the classroom. Students benefit from learning mindfulness and from having teachers who practice mindfulness: Students are better able to self-regulate, and learn practices for managing their own stress and anxiety, improving their focus and concentration, strengthening executive functioning skills, and calming down when they are upset.

In this course, participants will learn about mindfulness and will establish their own personal mindfulness practice as a wellness and self-care tool for themselves. Participants will explore different exercises and strategies for managing personal stress as well as the stresses association with teaching. Then, participants will explore how their mindfulness practice impacts their work with young people and will learn strategies for creating a mindful classroom through teaching mindfulness, and teaching mindfully.

Once a participant registers, the course content will be released over 5 weeks. The expectation is that, to the best of their ability, participants are accessing the course weekly and are submitting comments and reflections at reasonable & regular intervals. Additionally, because the most important component of mindfulness is personal practice, participants are expected to commit to a few minutes of personal practice most days of the week.

When you click to register, a syllabus will be available to read.

The last day to register and begin course in order to get 5 weeks completed before end of 22/23 school year is Wednesday, July 26th.

A new registration for the 23/24 school year will be available once the date gets closer.