Small Change: Building Financial Security – Ft. Dodge

Small Change: Building Financial Security – Ft. Dodge

Nov 5th

Cindy Needles Fletcher, Professor & Extension Specialist

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Fee – $20.00

Instructor: Cindy Needles Fletcher, Professor & Extension Specialist
Iowa State University

Participants must have attended the entire event for 2 hours on November 5 (4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.) at Ft. Dodge Middle School, 800 N. 32nd Street, Ft. Dodge, IA, as well as participate in the online extended License Renewal online learning to be completed by December 3rd.


Financial literacy is a key component of both the Iowa Core 21st Century Skills and Social Studies. Financial literacy standards were revised in 2017, cross-posted in both social studies and 21st Century Skills, and will be fully implemented by 2020. As has been the case since 2008, financial literacy standards span grades K though 12. Although the need and the expectation of developing financial skills among students is clear, studies show that many educators lack knowledge, skills and confidence to teach financial literacy.

This course is built on the premise that with improved personal knowledge, skills and confidence, participants will be more likely to take action to address financial literacy in our schools. Participants will gain knowledge and skills to make “small changes” to improve their own personal financial management. Using game-based design principles, the course will give learners choices to explore content modules that are timely and relevant to their life stage. The course content is tailored to Iowa public employees—for example, addressing financial decisions unique to their employee benefits. At the same time, the course content reflects content embedded in the financial literacy standards. Armed with new knowledge and skills, the course connects participants with vetted curricula, resources and school-based programs that span elementary, middle and high school levels. Each participant will complete two short assignments that explore the financial literacy standards and resources that address them. With some quirky videos, a radio theater company segment and badges, this course is fun!

The 4-week course structure includes an initial face-to-face workshop followed by self-paced online learning. Participants will be required to attend the 2-hour face-to-face workshop; complete a minimum of 4 (of 12) content modules covering finance fundamentals, insurance, investing, and retirement planning; and a final assignment.

The course is offered by Iowa State University Extension with support from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

Required Text:

All readings will be accessible online within the course. Most readings are drawn from the following book:

Money Talk, Patricia Q. Brennan and Barbara M. O’Neill, 2018. Published by PALS, Cornell University and available for purchase at