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Retired education members represent a reservoir of knowledge, experience, and talent that  serves as a valuable resource for the NEA and the ISEA. Retired members are interested in, and committed to, public education; they are informed about educational issues, and they are willing to work with active members toward mutual goals.

NEA/ISEA Retired was created to serve the needs that retired educators across the country have identified, specifically protecting and improving retiree pension plans; protecting and improving health benefits; protecting social security; protecting Medicare; prescription drug coverage, and achieving legislative and political action goals for NEA/ISEA Retired members, public education employees, and public schools. Equally important, the NEA/ISEA-program provides its members with a wide range of benefits through NEA Member Benefits.

The NEA/ISEA Retired committee consists of a member from each UniServ unit appointed by the ISEA president from nominations by the presidents of the UniServ units.

For more information, contact ISEA Retired Liaisons, Peri VanTassel and Cindy Fitzgerald.

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