Special Education: Professional & Ethical Practices

Special Education: Professional & Ethical Practices

Apr 28th

What are appropriate professional and ethical practices related to special education? How can we assure that our students with disabilities receive an appropriate education in the least restrictive environment? How can we help parents be meaningfully involved in their child’s education? What are the court cases and other legal foundations and various ethics codes for professional and ethical behavior?

This one credit hour, face-to-face course will investigate these questions about professional and ethical practices and more.

The course begins by examining the legal and ethical foundations including key court cases for the delivery of special education programs and services. Then, participants will explore collaborative practices, FAPE and the Iowa Rules, data-based decision-making, implementation, how punishment works (or doesn’t work), under what conditions is there evidence of suspicion, how do gen ed interventions interact with sped decision-making, adding goals and services, and more. Finally, participants will examine instructional and assessment practices.

There is no text required.